1. For a Dream

From the recording Empty EP


Well I've been wearing self-loathing like something I bought from a thrift store
It was cheap and it's comfy so I find myself lending it out more and more
Yeah I lay it on thick so it's warm as the sand on the seashore
Wear it a while, babe, I promise you'll end up with matching decor

But I've owned it so long it's patchy and starting to fray at the seams
And though it represents me more than any man I've ever been,
I would sell it for a dream

I know I'm coming on strong, but darling, I've never been so lonely
And the smile in your eyes brings up stories from happier times
And since the evidence is pointing to nothing above or below me
I don't want to let someone like you just pass me by

But I'm compulsively shy - to the point where I'm constantly swallowing screams
And I'm aware that you're looking for somebody I'll never be
But I'll forget it for this dream

Wash me up until I'm thin
Ring me out and breathe me in
I am yours

So I took my guitar and my notebook and asked them politely to breed
And I placed in my pocket the love they said I need
And I sold it for a dream