1. Empty

From the recording Empty EP


There's a girl I used to know
Who promised all my troubles wouldn't hurt me
All she wanted was my happiness
And as long as I was truthful, she'd never desert me

I have a number with her name jotted down
But couldn't tell you if you begged me
All that's left of her is scattered through my mind
Mismatched images and sentences she said

She said, "open up to me
If you let me in I'll try and help you"
So she cracked me open and looked inside
But I am empty

A few years later, I was slipping
And as I fell, arms wrapped around me
She raised me up and held me close
It seemed my saviour had finally found me

She said, "close your eyes
and let me fill whatever's missing"
Well darling, look at me and tell me why
I am empty

I looked in a mirror but saw nothing inside
I guess I've always been a frame
Everything I've outlined has run away or died
When I cried out for company, only emptiness came

I met a girl last night
We spoke in whispers til the bar closed
As we were leaving she asked my name
Pleased to meet you, I am empty