From the recording Headwaters EP


Friend of mine
I was a story undesigned
A journal with no words surrounded by lines
I'm not work of art,
I was unfinished from the start
'til you penciled in the borders of my heart
You came in
found my outline
and filled me up
you fill me up

Sitting next to you
I notice everything you do
The way you hold your pen, the way you tie your shoe
and I follow the veins in the back of your hands like a road map
I remember every town I pass through
Just by being there to talk to,
you fill me up
you fill me up

With every glance,
with every word you say,
you fill me up

Friend of mine
Help me out of this mind
It's crowded with confessions you showed me how to find
You broke down every fence,
and I don't mean to sound intense,
but everything I've ever lost suddenly makes sense
you found me
all alone and empty
and filled me up
you fill me up.