1. I Have Enough

From the recording Headwaters EP


I've been working through the weekends trying to keep our lantern lit
Though I don't wake up in the morning with a spring from where I sit
and I don't grind my teeth to stubs solely from chomping at the bit,
I have enough

Like complaining when it's raining, I'm disdaining every day
doing work without expression for some uninspired pay
like the sky after the rainclouds, I feel tempted just to say
"I've had enough"

Was I born to work in coffeeshops
while my passion fades and slowly flies away
and is it wrong to get no sleep, working eighty hours a week,
just to let myself follow a dream?
It sometimes seems

Still I've found no higher calling than the one that calls me home,
makes me push my aching legs until they tremble to the bone,
just to reach the door in time to put our dinner on the stove
We have enough

Like a bird that takes its glory finding pieces for his nest,
I will piece together objects for the life that suits us best
If the world I build around us keeps the rain out while we rest
I'll have enough